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Stump Grinding Services


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The Importance of Professional Stump Removal

Some Lubbock homeowners will remove trees from their yard because the trees are severely damaged or diseased. Perhaps you need to remove a tree that is located in a poor location, such as too close to the home or near your vegetable garden. Regardless of why you need the tree to be removed, chopping down a tree and removing the stump are two very different projects. Searching for a handyman near me is the first step to take if you want to remove a problematic tree stump from your yard, and we are the Lubbock handyman that can provide you with excellent results for this challenging project. 

When a tree is chopped down or otherwise removed, a stump will inevitably protrude at least a foot or two out of the ground. This can be an unsightly blemish in your yard. The stump may be a tripping hazard or pose other similar types of dangers to you and others. In addition, a stump may prevent you from using the yard for desired purposes. For example, you cannot install a new pool or a playground feature for the kids in the backyard until the stump has been removed. Keep in mind that a tree stump is a massive feature that may extend many feet into the ground. Depending on the size and age of the tree, it is generally not feasible to simply pull the tree root up and out of the ground. With our service for stump grinding in Lubbock, the stump and underlying roots will be professionally grinded away. The result is that the stump will be eliminated above the ground as well as below the ground. That area of the yard can then be used for any desired purpose. 

What We Can Do for You 

Regardless of whether you need stump grinding in Lubbock for one stump or several stumps, feel confident that we will address this seemingly challenging problem for you. As your preferred Lubbock handyman, we have the experience, skills and equipment necessary to efficiently remove one or more stumps from your property. This can be a dangerous, labor-intensive process for you to attempt to complete on your own, and there is no need for you to attempt to work on this project. Our team is ready to travel to your home in Lubbock soon at a date and time that is convenient for you. With our skills and equipment, we will complete the work efficiently so that no trace of the stump remains. 

When you need to hire a handyman near me for professional stump removal, you can expect wonderful results from our hardworking team. Keep in mind that stump removal is only one of many property maintenance and repair services that we can complete for you. In fact, we are the professionals to reach out to for any current and future projects that you need completed around the house. To request an appointment for stump removal, call us today.